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Basically the bike has a power commander 6 with their stock tune named M22-100-001 Stock exhaust, Stock intake... (I will say as of current, you have to copy and paste any tunes for the PC6 due to the current once's only being compatible with the PC5.. not really an issue but a heads up.) The bike also rocks a CF Yoshi R-77 exhaust and a DNA air filter. The air filter has the stock box lid and snorkel and if I'm being honest, doesn't feel like the air filter does a whole lot with the stock equipment.

* I tried the other Power Commander tunes from the 2021 MT-07 library and they seemed to limit my redline (the bike would basically bog down with the R-77 and DNA Filter tune) I tried a few others and to no avail the bike would only reach 126mph... The M22-100-001 Stock exhaust, Stock intake seems to be the most compatible
with my bike.

Top Speed was 142mph on video. Earlier that day I did a run at 144mph; however, for that run I will add I had every holy variable on my side with the wind to my back and it was only 96 degrees Fahrenheit and not 99 :) I do not have a video of that run.

Here is a video of the run I did in *Mexico for the 142mph:

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