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Got my bike back from Attack Performance today after getting a retune. I was fortunate enough to test fit a pre-production version of Yoshimura R&D's Airbox for the R7. Before the airbox I had a Yoshimura R&D R77 exhaust and a DNA air filter + Lid. The bike made 70.4 whp @ 8500 and 49.83 ft/lb torque @ 5500 (this was with a tune on the setup mentioned).

After installing the airbox and putting the bike back on the dyno for a re-tune the bike made 76.51 whp @ 8500 and 49.75 ft/lb torque @ 7000. So thats 6+ whp! Peak torque was down a smidge, but the torque curve before and after is pretty dramatic. Before the airbox, torque peaked at 5500 and immediately tapered down and by 8000 it was already down to 44ft/lbs. After the airbox, it was making 48 ft/lbs by 6000, peaking at 7000 at 49.75, and by 8000 it was still at 48 ft/lbs. Huge thanks to Yoshimura R&D!

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