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Yamaha R7 Insurance

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Hi all,

I'm about to buy the new R7 and thought I get some suggestions on the type of insurance I should get for it.

I got quotes from Progressive/Geico and there basic coverage which is Liability is only about $150-170 per year.

There are full coverage options too but the annual premium is about 3k !

What coverage do ya'll have? Is it worth getting Full coverage for the bike ? Suggestions

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Lol 3k? Thats absurd. I have progressive, two motorcycles, one liability and the other (R7) comprehensive. Adds up to $670 annual.
4 bikes full coverage thru Progressive.
$800 per year
I live in NYC so I pretty much had to get full coverage. I called all the big insurance companies and most of them quoted $520-580 a month. I think Nationwide quoted me $1,000 per month (I would have paid more in insurance than the value of the bike in that year... absurd). Statefarm ended up giving me the lowest full coverage rate by far at like $75 a month so I went with them.
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There are a lot of factors to cost, your age, location, possibly how long you’ve been licensed for some companies, number of vehicles insured, annual mileage, etc. basically, no two of are alike as far as cost goes. For coverage, that’s up to you and how you value your investment. Many states just require basic liability coverage I’d think. Past that it’s on you. Do you want the bike fixed if you are at fault in a crash? Do you want yourself fixed? How about if stolen? If you financed the bike you’ll need some level of full coverage I’d think.
Soooo, a whole lot of variables and questions. Sorry for the non-answer answer, it’s not very simple to say what you need.
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Absolutely what Van said, as well as Marital Status, credit history, & driving record.
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Hello! I just want to say it is def rough out here especially in AZ. Progressive and Geico both wanted upwards of 6-9k a year to insure my bike they gave me the BS "its a super sport," blah blah blah Granted my driving record has 2 old speeding tickets but still some BS it's more than the bike lol. I ended up getting my insurance through Harley Davidson :LOL: I pay $1730 PIF for the year!
23 Single Male. I financed my bike so I needed full coverage and I'm not completely mad with it.
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