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Yamaha R7 for sale

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2022 Yamaha R7, 3010 miles, $13,000

I hate to do this but at the moment I can't afford to keep my bike. I bought it back in February from RideNow Rancho in Las Vegas before I got orders somewhere else. I still owe on it and it comes with a maintenance plan for any ridenow. Does have TST flushed turning signals and JDL integrated taillight, still have the stock one's if you would like them. If you would like pictures, dm me and ill send them right over
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2022 Yamaha R7, 3010 miles, $13,000
Damn 13k? Are R7's really that rare now?
It's the people that are paying more than $10,000 that are driving up the prices. Customers are basically bidding on 2022 models that have been sitting around while the 2023 models are being produced. I can't complain since I have other bikes that are just as much fun to ride in the mean time and thanks to those that are giving the dealerships all that free money, they'll (hopefully) still be in business when the flood gates open and prices come down.
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Yeaaa, bought brand new 2022 model 0 miles for 10K cash two weeks ago, hope you sell it though
@viochoa05 if you could post some photos that would be helpful In the sale.
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