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Yamaha r7 exhaust special made for the r7

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Dear guys,

I just got my new yamaha r7 akrapovic!

Does someon know how to remove the db-killer from this thing, is it only drilling the welded cirkle under that is connecting the db-killer with the outside frame. And then using a plier ?

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Maybe something similar to the Tenere exhaust:
However, since it's new we don't know where to aim, so drilling rivets, and later installing new ones is probably the only way to go.

I am mounting mine on Friday, so soon I will also be looking into make the db killer removable.

I already noticed there's a spot weld on the bottom of the front lip, but I have a feelings that might be too easy...
Just installed mine too : )

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Pulled the DB killer out of mine.
There's a spot weld on the lip (you can feel an indent, and they put a screw there on the non homologated version)
Once that is drilled out you just need to pull REAL hard.
Such a nice sound now.
Am running no CAT atm so it's almost a straight pipe, but its not deafeningly loud and the tone is very nice and deep.

I'll get more photos about the whole thing soon. If I don't forget ( :
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