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Yamaha R7 Akrapovic Racing line exhause

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Hi guys,

You may know about the two akrapovic racing line systems. One is legal in switzerland and the other not. The pre-owner from my R7 had installed the legal exhaust system and if you know the specs you know it's not the best exhaust out there...
Do you know how to make it sound more aggressive or louder? I did not find any video of someone getting out the db killer. I guess you need to drill to get it out.
Do someone has any advice here?

You pay like 1.8k to get a noise reduction:
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Thanks very much for any help and tips! :)
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There are actually videos on youtube with removed DB killer. Maybe something like this: 2022 YAMAHA YZF R7 AKRAPOVIČ Exhaust Sound Comparison | With DB Killer vs Removed DB Killer

Where are you in Switzerland?
I am now trying to find homologated (legal) version myself in Serbia. Seems like Leo Vince is the good option -

If you want louder one, and choose to sell it, let me know :)
I am coming to Zurich often.
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