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Water in oil???

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Today when I checked my oil after riding for some time I noticed that it was frothy looking, I was told somehow I could’ve had some water get in the oil and/or it’s being whipped by the crank? Is that what it looks like to ya’ll, and if so how bad is that for the engine? It’s fairly new oil just changed it like 2 weeks ago
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What was the weather like? This can be normal. Cold outside, bike stored inside? What was the weather like when you changed the oil? It could just be a little but of moisture in the engine. I'd start it up and let it warm up for at least five minutes, let it rest and see if it looks different. If it looks the same, or more foam, change the oil again.

That's what I'd do.
This happens a lot when it's cold outside. Same thing happened on my first bike MT03 and it freaked me out. It's more than likely normal. Just pay attention to how the bike feels. If nothing has changed chances are it's just the condensation from cold weather. Oil change will solve everything also. Listen to VANSMACK
Listen to VANSMACK
Things my ex never said. 🤣🤣
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