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Unsure about where to flash my ECU.

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Good morning, everyone.

I'm facing a dilemma regarding flashing my ECU. In Denmark, the cost for a Dyno ECU flash is approximately $1000, but I find it difficult to justify that price when others on this forum and the R7 Facebook page are paying only $200-$300 for a file flash. Would there be a significant difference if I simply send in my ECU instead of opting for a dyno session?

Additionally, would it make a difference if I get it flashed in the US? (I'm thinking about the variations in ECU setups across different countries.)

TIA. drive safe
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Unless you've modified your motor extensively or unusually, a good flash will do everything for you a competent tuner can do on a dyno. The dyno tuner still needs to flash the ecu with whatever changes he deems appropriate.
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