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These are customer's bikes that aren't broken in and only get ridden for a few blocks to make sure they're ready for delivery so I can't comment on power. I will say that my two current bikes make way more torque at lower revs which is something I'll miss. The 540 lb Bolt makes over 50 ft-lbs from about 1500 RPM and the 290 lb Zero makes over 70 from 0 RPM. The R7 needs to be over 3000 to make 40 ft-lbs so it takes much higher revs in lower gears for the same acceleration compared to what I'm used to but those aren't fair comparisons. Pegs and seat are higher than I expected but not as high or rearward as my modified Zero. Bars are where I expect them which is about the same position as my other bikes (my Bolt has clip-ons). The R7 is more comparable to the bikes I've owned in the past so I'll still get one eventually. Maybe I'll wait a few more years and get an anniversary edition.
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