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Two Brothers Exhaust clearance issues

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It took me about 5 tries to get 1mm clearance near the oil pan, at first it was setting against the oil pan.
I have no idea if I am doing something wrong or this exhaust is no good.
One idea I had was, does the header flange have specific sides? Would I need to pull the header nuts out and flip the flange around?
Will this cause issues down the road?
I can barely put a piece of thin cardboard (like the size of a paperback book cover) in between the exhaust and the oil pan.

Please advise,

Thank you.
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What is the model? S1R or the DB Pro?

I have the DB Pro and no clearance issues. I'll have to take a photo to compare if it's the same model.
It’s the Db pro, all stainless steel one.
I retried this morning and got a little more clearance while also putting some thermal exhaust wrap near the spot it was close to touching.
Yeah, something’s going on with mine I’m going to remove everything and retry. I’m sure it’s something minor, but thank you for the pictures so I can see what I’m dealing with.
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The only possibility I see is that your header is not well positioned at the engine.

Or, I don't think you forgot them...but...did you put the gaskets back in place?
Yes the gaskets are there hehe, that would be funny tbh. I’m thinking something similar maybe I need to take it completely off and have another go making sure everything’s buttoned up perfectly.
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