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Does anyone own one of these?

I am strongly considering buying one, as I’m tired of the dealer pricing.

This seems like the most effective one I’ve seen, for a reasonable price, around $700.


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Have you ever looked at the one that I mentioned?
No, in fact, when I did my research on manual tire changers this past spring, I didn't come across Rabaconda. It appears their street bike tire changer was new this year, so that could be why. I relied primarily on input and reviews by motorcycle racers on the WERA bulletin board. I've used it on stock Yamaha wheels and on forged Dymag wheels. There is a trailer hitch mount available but I just have mine bolted to a 4 foot square sheet of plywood that I can move around as necessaary in my garage.

I gather Rabaconda are in and ship from Estonia. No-Mar stuff is built in, and shipped from, St Louis, if any of that stuff matters to you. I mount my tires dry (important not to use water-based lubes for race tires due to possible partial vaporization, and the tire slipping on the rim, disturbing the balance I so carefully set). I also have and use a No-Mar static balancer. It works well and is well-made.

The N-Mar stuff is powder-coated; the Rabaconda stuff appears to have some kind of plating on it that would be prone to rust where I live (coastal North Carolina). I note that the beadbreaker bar on the No-Mar is quite a bit longer, so use older folks don't have to work so hard to break the bead.
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