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What spools are people using? I bought the Yamaha ones but not happy with the quality. Looking for something with bolts that go all the way through.
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I got a pair of the Woodcraft spools. Seem to be well made. My old 2000-era rear stand isn't wide enough to use the axle slider spools so I had to get the little ones.
I like the Woodcraft slider spools, they look good and have worked well for me. I use an old set on a rear stand I made a mount for to use as GP lift. There are a few options for installation, it depends on how you want to lift the rear end. I have a Womet through the axle spool/slider mount, I'm not exactly sure where it is, it's not on the bike. It's way too wide for any stand I have so I left it off.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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