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RS660 vs the R7

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So, curious to see peoples opinions on this topic. I just purchased by R7 last week and I'm super happy with the bike and my decision. I see the comparison to the RS660 all the time and the 660 always get's top spot. I guess I'm curious how many R7 riders considered the RS660 and if you did what kept you from buying one. My list is pretty short and sweet.

1. I've read many reviews on the RS660 that said they had motor or other issues inside of 500 miles.
2. The price gap is 3K around me and all that gets me is a bunch of tech items that I wouldn't ever use and just increase the chance of things to go wrong, back to number 1.
3. I've owned two super sport bikes and while the RS seems to have a more comfortable riding position would it be as inspiring to push the nose into a hair pin as the more sport oriented riding position of my R7. I just sold a GSX-S750 which was my first naked and I could not stand the lack of confidence in the corners. It always felt like the bars were super sensitive to input.
4. There is no dealer within 2 hours of me and the frequency of repairs I see needing to be done under warranty is absolutely scary. If I had a dealer within 30 minutes this might not have been a factor.

Anyway I would be curious to hear someone's opinion that owns and R7 and has ridden the RS?
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Insurance bill! No.1 reason for me! RS660 would cost me twice as much as the R7.
Insurance bill! No.1 reason for me! RS660 would cost me twice as much as the R7.
Interesting, hadn't really thought of that aspect. I would have guessed they would be pretty close.
I already have 100hp twin with clipons and rearsets and wanted a sports bike that could actually be ridden like a sports bike on the road. There is a joy to maxing out through the gears and if we are honest with ourselves, you can't do it that much on the roads on a bike with anywhere near 100hp.

I have a friend with a ZX10r and he short shifts everywhere most of the time. What's the point of that?

Plus like OP said. Aprilias dont have the best record on reliability. R7 is much prettier too.
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