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R7 Vs Wind NYC

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I want to start out by saying that I am a new rider so I might be embarrassing myself with my noobness but I want to know whether I might actually have an issue with the bike. I live in NYC and the highways get pretty windy as they are right next to the water. On every occasion where the wind has even been underwhelming has caused my bike to basically get bullied in any direction the wind is blowing. I do all the things people have told me including gripping my knees to the tank, tucking my head down and bringing my elbows in. However, it feels like the bike is a feather waiting to be tipped over. I have not been able to find any answers on youtube so if an experienced rider can help me I would greatly appreciate it thank you !
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There's really nothing else to do besides tuck and fight the wind. If it's to the point that it's making you nervous I'd say get more seat time when it's not so windy. There's really not a whole lot of options. I don't know how bad NY wind is but here in CA if it's so bad that it blows my car around on the freeway then I for sure don't take my bike out lol. There's always another better day to ride don't let it get to you.
Bad is riding straight, the bike is at a 45° angle, then the gust stops.
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