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After another strange winter slumber (unplanned I might add), we are kicking off the 2022 season with some deals to get you bike ready for the racetrack, canyons, and mountains. We had originally planned on doing this during winter when people had more time on their hands, but then we had an Omicron surge that took the 2020 and 2021 supply chain issues...and extended them further. Fortunately, we're now in a position where these delays are behind us and we're building inventory back...which is an amazing turn of events!

Spiegler Stainless Steel Brake Lines

We have developed a close working relationship with the good folks over at Spiegler for the past ten years. We've created, modified, and adjusted dozens of kits and have found their quality and customer service to be second to none. And yes, we are also a dealer for other brands of lines. We choose to move Spiegler because they are what I personally run on all of my own bikes. Street, track, or dirt.

On the R7, we have two kits for sale:

1. Stock Replacement. This kit retains the ABS functionality but eliminates all the hard lines on the bike to reduce weight and the number of potential leak points. Available in a wide variety of colors and will even allow for a moderate amount of handlebar rise, should you desire.
2. ABS Delete. This kit does just what it says in that it no longer routes lines to/fro the ABS unit. The Stoltec Moto kit includes 4 port plugs at no extra cost to block off the ABS unit. Because the ABS unit is still installed and connected electronically, there are no warning lights.

For more information, see here: 22+ YZF-R7 Stainless Steel Brake Lines | Stoltec Moto

ABS Unit Delete Module

If you upgraded your brake lines with our kit, above, and wish to remove the rest of the ABS system in a quest to save even more weight, this is the ticket. Plug and play, no reflash required. Simply upgrade your brake lines, remove the ABS pump, and plug this into the factory harness.

For more information, see here: YZF-R7 ABS Unit Delete Module | Stoltec Moto

Brake Pads

For our money, you won't find a better set of pads that the Galfers. Available in a variety of compounds, these pads strike an amazing balance of being able to sustain track abuse (heat) while still biting on the street (cold). To that point, cold operation doesn't induce any exacerbated cold wear. This pads will address any level of street riding and will easily run with the A group at track days.

For more information, see here: Galfer Front Brake Pads | Stoltec Moto

And now for the whole point of this thread...for the rest of this month...until midnight ET 03/31/2022, we will be offering the following deals to forum members:
  1. Buy any set of brake lines and front pads and get a free container of Motul RBF600 brake fluid.
  2. Buy a set of ABS Delete Brake Lines and ABS Unit Delete Module, save $25. Coupon code: R7ABSDELETE
  3. Buy a set of ABS Delete Brake Lines, ABS Unit Delete Module, and brake pads...get the brake fluid and save $25.

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Just ordered the lines. Pretty excited :)
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