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QS not working? 2022 R7

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I have a 2022 R7, installed a Yamaha QS, had some trouble after installing with the bike not wanting to downshift. I uninstalled and reinstalled double checked rod length all was good and worked fine for a couple weeks! Until today, wouldn鈥檛 downshift from 4th gear! 馃く was very clunky trying to get it down into 3rd, but eventually while riding got it down in gears. Sometimes this will happen in all gears and seems random. I鈥檝e doubled checked all my measurements what am I missing?
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Take it to a shop, you're doing everything right.
That lever looks like it might be a little high. Make sure you are fully releasing the lever when you downshift. Or just lower the lever and see if that is better for you.
I'm gonna agree with this guy, that lever looks way to high. If the issue didn't start until after qs, you are still loading the shifter even if you dont think you are, lower it, test ride and repeat until it feels right.

are you finding yourself missing on the upshift also sometimes?

It's all about dialing in your controls.

Try adjusting it down and let us know.

Nothing you have done by adding the qs warrants a trip to the dealer/shop. :rolleyes:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts