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Whats goin on fellas?! Been drooling over the R7 for a few months, been ready to upgrade from my ninja 400 even though i only put 600 miles on her lol

It has been near impossible to locate one! All the local dealers expecting more to come have already accepted deposits on them. Not even expected till March or so at that! Everyone i called kinda chuckled and said yeah going to be a good while before ill have one thats available. So i had given up and decided a ninja 650 was my next bike,

I casually checked FB market Saturday and low and behold, a black R7 with 800 miles on it had been listed just 7 miles from my shop. Shot over the immediately and secured her!

Picking her up Tuesday as Saturday was raining/windy cold here. Any fellow R7 riders up in the spring/woodlands area?
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