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Hey guys/gals my name is Ryan I live in Prince Edward Island Canada. I am just in talks with my local dealer to see if they can track me down a 22 R7 with the white red yellow color scheme. My last bike was a 17 R6 with the white grey and green accents. Due to some rather complicated health issues I lost a significant amount of weight and well riding was the last thing on my mind for a few years so I had to sell. I had a m4 exhaust sprint filter levers from the Yamaha catalogue and I sent my ECU to Bauce racing in the states funny story since it was a CDN model he couldn't crack the ECU so he had to send it to Europe for me I thought that it was interesting. I recently got the itch again so that is where we are today hopefully I get word back today and can give a depot on it. Hoping to learn and give some knowledge that I have. Cheers Ryan
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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