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Hello all,

So, there are a couple bolts on the swingarm that I noticed tonight that I hadn't noticed before. They almost appear to be coming loose and about to fall out. What is weird because I looked back on pictures of my bike when I first got it and I don't see these bolts at all but now after getting my 600 mile service done, they seem to have magically appeared.

The one on the left side is a hex head bolt and the one on the right is an allen head. My best guess is that these are where swingarm sliders would go and the shop just gave me the bolts? It's just weird that the bolts were never there before but now they are after the 600 mile service.

So my two questions are:
What are these bolts?
Why would one be hex and the other allen?

Please see attached photos and thank you in advance for the help

Left side swingarm - brand new bike
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Hood

Right side swingarm - before 600 mile service
Wheel Tire Automotive tire Fuel tank Automotive lighting

Right side swingarm - AFTER 600 mile service
Automotive tire White Light Wheel Automotive design

Left side swingarm - AFTER 600 mile service
Automotive tire Tread Automotive exterior Bumper Tire


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They probably put your bike on rear stands and forgot to remove them. Exact spot for swingarm spools. You can remove them if you aren’t going to use rear stands.
Just there to lift the rear bike during
Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Vehicle Tire
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Vehicle
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