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MWR ”Racing” Airfilter

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Does anyone have any experience with MWR airfilter? They offer two types for the R7 one being ”Performance” which is meant for road/track and the other one is the ”RACING” which is meant for track only.

I wanted the ”performance” one but my dealer got me the ”Racing”. Which i discovered after installing it on the bike.

And MWR writes on their homesite that its meant only for track use. I have made the conclusion that its only for track because the ”race filter” has a tighter service scheme.

My question is…
Has anybody used mwr racing filter for road only? If so, how often did you wash and oiled it?


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Racing airfilter
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Since their filter looks like a drop in + lid, I don't think you'd have to maintain it all that often. Maybe every few thousand miles if on road and normal conditions. The Hordpower / Yoshimura / Pod filters have to be cleaned more often because they are completely open to the elements. That all said, if you ride through a dust storm etc. you should probably check your filter regardless of what type you're running.
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