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Suggestions on stands? Does anybody use the $100 Venom set on Amazon?
I have a cheap stand set from Amazon, they are backup stands or stands to lend out now. I have GP lifters on the bikes now so I had to make my own mounts for that to work. The rest of the stands, front and rear are Pit Bull. I would have bought a Woodcraft rear stand for the R7 but none were available, but I do like Pit Bull, they are very easily adaptable for different bikes. I did not think the removable handle on the Pit Bull would be useful but I really like it, any future stand will have a removable handle. My vote is for Pit Bull, they are quite a bit pricier though. If you want something for easy no kickstand parking, Baxley Sport Chocks work great, very secure.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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