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Man I’ve heard so much negative talk about this bike then once they ride it, they’re whole perspective changes😂
Negative talk from people that never rode it and never will, as well as assumptions based on riding an MT07 or FZ07, or HP differences between the R6 and R7, or making any kind of comparison back to the original R7. Whatever, don't ride one, we are happy to do so! (y)
I have an R6, they were built to be race bikes, I think it sucks on the street, it is too much for just cruising around, you aren't getting anywhere near what it is capable of. It is happiest when you are screaming it at 11-16K rpm, you aren't doing that on the street, even in the canyons. If you want one you can still get a track one. The new R7 is awesome on the street, and I think awesome on the track. The R6 will be sitting for a bit
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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