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I came off a couple weeks ago (dodging a car in the middle of the road ffs) and got a few scratched fairings and other smalls bits of damage over the bike. I have got new pegs and clip-ons coming to replace those that broke the only other thing is the right side fairings from what my frame sliders couldn't save. I am wondering if it is worth it to get the fairings wrapped like I was planning to do anyway or pay the huge amount of money to get new OEM ones shipped to me or just ride with the scratches (I'm from Aus so not a lot of local r7 stuff that I can find). Insurance is a touchy subject as I had thought I had full coverage only to find there was an extra payment I didn't see when I got it nearly a year ago so really pissed off about my fuck up there.
Just want to see what other people out there think I should do
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