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Lap Timer for Track Days

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Looking for feedback on lap timers. I am looking at Speed Angle and AIM Solo 2. I am leaning towards the Speed Angle since it has a lean angle sensor, seems like good data to have to monitor consistency and riding style.
I use a Go Pro for my video. Looks like both lap timers can be synced to video with software.
Looking for feedback on both lap timers.
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The speed angle is garbage, it's gimmicky and unreliable. I have a couple friends with them and they thought the lean angle thing was cool but regret their purchase. The AIM Solo 2 is rock solid. It doesn't have the most intuitive menus but it's one of the only lap timers on the market that's actually a quality product, IMO, along with probably the XT racing stuff although those are a little dated now.
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I just went with a Innovv K5 camera setup and use Race Render to do the lap times right in the video. I've used the speed angle before borrowed from a friend. Seemed to work ok. All of these are only going to be so accurate if they're using GPS. Transponder is the only way to get an exact time. Not sure if anyone even sets those up anymore at track days but I know club racing still uses them.
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