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Just put a deposit down

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These things are selling super fast and finding one has proven to be quite difficult. The dealer said that it could be like 3 months or so before I even see the bike. I'm curious as to what you all have experienced though. What was the turn around time from deposit to actually riding? Many thanks in advance and I hope to be posting some pics of my new baby once I actually get it.
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Time is money. Why wait 3 month? Just find the closet reasonable dealer then drive and pick it up. 3 months going to be a long wait potentially.
I got one of the first 500. Not on the Yamaha effort though, someone put their $500 deposit down directly with Yamaha then when the bike delivered in June, that person turned it down. I was first on the list for the second bike they got, I moved right up to first, picking the bike up within an hour of that call, rode it home, loving it ever since.
@Jyagoo I have searched near where I live and the dealer I ended up putting the deposit down was the only one in reasonable distance that was taking deposits.
@Vansmack Lucky! Fingers crossed somebody cancels for me to scoop it up too.
@jstock315 Oof, that's a long wait. I'll just have to be patient. I'm sure it was well worth the wait.
I'm not sure where you are located, but as of this past Saturday: Yamaha Pasadena has a 60th in their showroom.
I'm in TN unfortunately. And I'm also set on the yamaha blue.
I put a deposit down from Mountain Motorsports. Said they will get it mid February, but got it mid April instead.
Oof. I hope that's not the case.
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I got lucky on mine, they had a blue and 60th in stock at G force here in Denver l. Went with the 60th. Impulse buy, wasn't really looking for one. But saw the 60th, and said I have to have it.
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