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So right as I bought my 23 R7 I ordered the upshift only IRC quick shifter and couldn't find a single forum or YouTube video about how to install it... So I will take the role into my own hands.
1: You want to remove the throttle side fairings.
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2: Unplug the turn signal wire from side fairing
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3: find the ignition plugs at the top of the engine
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Note Coil #2 will have blue tape on the wire
4: route IRC harness through the frame and plug in the first closes to IRC module harness plug into the ignition coil #1, and make sure to plug the OEM wire into the included plug that is next to the irc harness plug. There are two plugs per coil, 1 for the OEM plug and 2 the plug that goes into the ignition coil.
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There will be two extra plugs but don't worry about it

5: Remove rear seat and main seat, route the wire to the rear seat and plug the harness into the irc box module.
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6: attach the sensor to the shift arm linkage with included rod and hardware (make sure the black wire it coming out of the front side) and plug that into the box.
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7: OCD your wires where you prefer. also don't worry about the QS symbol being active on the bike, this is a standalone controller that takes into account the ecu information to cut the ignition during upshift...
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