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Ignition Wires/Fuse/Alarm

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I think I found the correct wire(s) to splice in my alarm ignition kill switch under the front seat. The fuse box with the ignition fuse has two wires going to one side of the fuse, and nothing coming out the other side. Would I need to cut both the wires (red with white stripe) and splice them together with the wires from the alarm kill switch, or can I cut just one and splice into it?

I fired up the bike, then pulled that fuse to make sure it would kill the bike, and it did. I'm a little leery of messing around with the electrical. Mechanical stuff I'm pretty comfortable with, but I really don't want to mess up the electrical.
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You wire the kill switch in-line with only one wire. When activated it opens the relay and shuts the bike down. In normal mode it is a passive connection and does not interrupt the flow in the electrical system.
Finally got around to doing this, I used one of the red/white wires running to the ignition fuse, and it worked. Bike won't start if the remote isn't close, and it sets off the alarm as well.

The anti-hijack works as well, it'll sound the alarm & then kill the motor. Hopefully I don't ever need to use that function.

So far I'm really pleased with the Scorpio SRX900 alarm. The big remote holds a charge for at least a week, even when I'm riding every day. The charging plug is a stupid shape, but it works. The key ring deal is flimsy, but I stuck a little velcro to the key & the back of the remote & just stick them together, seems pretty streamlined.
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