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Ignition Bypass Fail...help!

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So I stumbled upon the installation video for the woodcraft key-switch elimination harness. Instantly; I thought it would be a great mod to have and of all the perks of having it. So much so that I couldn't wait out the shipping delivery date. So I went about creating the same, well similar wiring setup, based on what I saw of the harness. In short. Everything appears to work as intended. Everything except the engine cranks but doesn't turnover. I've gone through the service manuals guide for ignition: no-start troubleshooting and from what i can tell all the continuity is as expected and no fuses have been blown. This is what my end result was:

Ignition harness split into 2 separate connections:
-Red, White, + Brown/blue
3 larger wires split and mated at a 2portconnector. The Red and white wires went to one side and the brown/blue wire went to the other.

-Blue/yellow + Black/blue
2smaller wires split and mated at a 2port connector. These were cut off and the bl/y, b/blue wires were connected on the harness side of the connector.

To make use of the main start and engine stop switch. The correspond wires were removed from the right hand assy. harness connector where the red/ black and red/white were tied together on the harness side.

The Red and White wires from the ignition harness were made to connect to the red/white wire and ran to the main pwr button and the Brown/blue wire mated with the red/black wire at the engine stop (kill switch).

I own Suzuki GSXR and had a damaged ignition and bought a cheap replacement from amazon that wouldnt allow me to start the bike. After trying every step to trouble shoot the no-start issue. I ultimately had to splice in a 100ohm resistor to the ignition harness at the wire that ran to the ECU,,CDI (?) that was anticipating a certain voltage before allowing the completion of the start sequence. Could this be the same situation with my Yamaha?If soo i have about 98 resistors to to try. Anyone have any ideas or input?

Any input is greatly appreciated.
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