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Hello from the PNW

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Hey gang, I’ve been lurking for a while and figured it’s finally time to make an account and introduce myself. I’m going to be picking up my brand new R7 tomorrow. It’s the Intensity White color and I’m really excited to finally see it in person

This will be my second bike, I’m upgrading from a Ninja 250R that I sold before earlier this year.

If anyone in the Seattle area is interested in doing some chill rides, then please feel free to reach out as I’m new to this area and looking to meet some riding buddies.

Cheers, I’ll update y’all with picks of the new ride soon.
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Congrats on the new bike. Welcome from the Texas Hill Country. Definitely post some ride impressions when you get a few miles on it. Going to be a lot different than the 250.
Congrats @slow.r7 !
Great choice on that new intense white color, looks great in the fotos I’ve seen of it!
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