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Fully Upgraded & For Sale

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I put together a Master list that's hyperlinked of everything that's installed on my bike. Ive probably spent about $6,000 on all these parts and finally I want to say she's finished....and for sale!
Message me for details. Trying to ship this too if needed
Tire Automotive tire Automotive lighting Wheel Motorcycle

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive tire

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive lighting

Wheel Tire Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive lighting

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Fuel tank

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive lighting Vehicle Hood

Tire Fuel tank Wheel Vehicle Vehicle brake

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Bicycle tire


Rapid Bike EVO Auto Tuning Fuel Management Tuning Module by Rapid Bike $525

Air Filter by DNA $85

Air Box Cover Stage 2 by DNA $93

CR-T Exhaust by SC-Project $1,183

YA 589 Hypersport S46 Shock by Öhlins $1,129

Graves Motorsports Yamaha R7 Adjustable Rearsets by Graves Motorsports $500

YZF-R7 GYTR Quick Shifter Kit by Yamaha $200

Yamaha YZF-R7 ABS Brake Line Kit by Spiegler (Line Color: Black Fitting Color: Titanium) $245

Clutch Lever Black by Gilles $110

Billet Front Brake Lever by Gilles $108


ST-LIGHT (Smoked Integrated Tail light for 2022 R7) by JL Designs $135

GTR Front LED Flushmount Turn Signals (Smoked) by TST $45

HALO Running Light Module for GTR Turn Signals (Hyper White) by TST

Brake Light Modulator by TST $50

Fender Eliminator by JL Designs $145


YZF-R7 GYTR Frame Sliders $210

Engine Guard Cover Set by GB Racing $184

Front Fork Axle Sliders by Evotech Performance $44

Spool Style Rear Axle Sliders by Evotech Performance$51

Rear Sprocket Guard by Gilles Tooling $55

Radiator Cover by Yamaha $88


“STEALTH” Sport Mount Style Winglet Mirror Set by Rizoma $480

YZF-R7 Sprint Screen $95

Supersport Rear Seat Cowl $160

Tank Side Grips $60

Passenger Peg Block Off Kit by Evotech Performance$51

Universal "PURE" Front Brake Fluid Tank by Rizoma $80

Centre Yolk Nut by Gilles $43
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Whoa! Nice mod-out!

I am going to move this thread to the For Sale section for increased exposure @FasteR7
Asking price request please
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