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Fuel gauge

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As inaccurate as it is, I wish it just had an operational low fuel light instead. But then who knows when that would be coming on. I filled it to the top of the neck and it still shows down one bar. 60 miles later the low fuel trip meter is on. I think I’d like to drain the gas right when the low fuel trip meter comes on to see how much is left.
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As a follow up to that I checked the speedometer today because I thought, there is no way I’m going 90 every time I get on the freeway, the speedometer is probably as accurate as the fuel gauge! Test completed, I’ve been going 90 on the freeway. 🤣
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if I were you, I would have already gone back to my reseller ...
Others here have mentioned the inaccuracy they are seeing, I just wanted to get an idea how widespread the issue is. I'll bring it to them, but I am not leaving it there, they either order a new tank with a new sending unit and let me know when it arrives or I keep it as is. I won't leave it sitting there waiting for the tank to arrive.
The fuel gauge inaccuracy is a known thing in most Yamaha models (MT07, 09, 10 etc)
Usually it shows full for the longest time after refill, then VERY rapidly loses bars and into reserve light.

Think people just learn to live with it and estimate fuel by miles traveled instead of the fuel gauge.

From R7 manual:
Fuel tank capacity:
13 L (3.4 US gal, 2.9 Imp.gal)
Fuel tank reserve:
2.5 L (0.66 US gal, 0.55 Imp.gal)

From experience with riding my MT07 (still waiting for R7 :p)
Average fuel consumption 57mpg (4.96/100km)
So once the reserve light comes up you have about 30miles/50km (a bit more if you go full fuel saving mode).

Do a few full tank to reserve light rides so you can figure out how many miles you can do with your riding style
Reset one of the trip meters when you refill and keep track of that every once in a while when you ride.

Here's also a fun fact from the MT09 but a similar thing should apply to other models.
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I generally top it off daily, and nearly always reset the trip meter and keep an eye on mileage vs fuel gauge when done for the day. I try to do that in all my vehicles, it's just a habit. It is pretty stable in that regard, mileage vs gauge. When down to one bar, reserve function not activated yet, it might take only 1 1/2 gallon to get it to the filler neck. I thought the speedometer was not very accurate too, reporting much higher speeds but that was a big nevermind I discovered this weekend. Checked it with a GPS.... nope, it's much more accurate that I expected. I have an ECU flash which is part of why I am not seeing the mileage you mentioned on the MT07. I think this is all just a minor inconvenience that can easily be dealt with by paying attention.

Great info on the tech advisory. That was about what I figured, all they can do is replace the tank. Printing a piece of paper is much easier.
I've noticed when I get down to one bar or starts flashing at me it's never more then 2 or 2.2 US gallons. Means I still have 1.2-1.4 in the tank? Seems like it comes on super early.
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My Super Tenere has a 6.1 gallon tank, so says the bike specs. I've gone 35 miles on the freeway once in reserve mode, it should be 3/4 of a gallon left when in that happens. 3/4 of a gallon, go 35 miles on that bike..... and I've never put in more than barely over 5 gallons to fill it to the brim. Yamaha may be measuring total space and not usable gas tank size. As well as tricky level sensors. Whatever, I'll continue to deal with it, this thread started to just to see if others are experiencing the same, and I think they are, I've seen it mentioned here before.
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Someone's just going to have to set their trip when it starts blinking and ride until it runs out of gas LOL then we'll know for sure
I am about to hit that point, I was thinking if draining the tank when it goes into reserve to see how much gas is left, but how much of that is actually usable? I'll get a rough idea but at what level is the pickup?
I have wished forever there was an easy way to remove the restriction part of the filler neck too, it just causes more problems, for me at least. It also prevents me from using a quick dump gas can, not that I need the fuel in faster but I have a quick dump can and I cannot use it.
Semi unscientific test:
Reserve light on at 77 miles
Rode another 24,7 miles in reserve mode
Siphoned approximately 1 gallon of gas out of the tank. (Just under 3gal is where it started on the can, just under 4 is where siphoning stopped. Hard to tell on this old can, that's why I drew lines)
Added back approximately 3.2 gal (You can see the can level here)
Filled to the brim, gauge shows one bar below full

My guess is reserve mode comes on with around 2 gal in the tank. Which pretty much goes in line with just hitting reserve then adding less than 1.5 gal at the gas station. I'll still fill up soon after hitting reserve mode, but I am thinking we can go a lot further that we think. YMMV

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As inaccurate as it is, I wish it just had an operational low fuel light instead. But then who knows when that would be coming on. I filled it to the top of the neck and it still shows down one bar. 60 miles later the low fuel trip meter is on. I think I’d like to drain the gas right when the low fuel trip meter comes on to see how much is left.
Fuel gauge inaccurate you are not kidding. 2,5 imperial gallons until reserve the book says, but i;ve gone inter reverse and still cant get more than 2 gallons into the tank. That means reserve to empty is 0.9 Imperial gallons. Do I trust tank sizw in hanbook? I think not
Getting that silver restriction piece out of the tank would be nice. I consistently use the Murphy Express stations around here because their pumps are a lot easier to control, from dribbling gas out like an old man with a swollen prostate to race horse level flow.

I can usually get an extra half gallon in the tank if I take the time to dribble it in.
Yeah, you can get more in, for me it still never shows full on the gauge. Knowing what's is left in the tank I would not think twice about doing at least 75 miles on the road once it shows reserve. On the track I'll just splash some in when it shows reserve.
This was on my mind the other day. I kinda miss the light just coming on to let me know. Didn’t have to think about it. Back then I wanted a gauge, now I just want the light. I was going to ask if anyone else thought it was a PIA to fill it up. I don’t think it was ever this hard on an R6. I’m left thinking, “there’s more room in there!”
I broke the welds off and took that metal square piece out of mine(the one that sits further down inside the tank) to help measure and drain fuel out of my tank lol. It also made it easier to fill it up too.
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Just punched it out then bent/rolled it up to get it all out?
Yeah basically helps if you drain and take out the fuel pump to do it
if it wasn't 105 degrees every day I'd do this right away. Thanks!
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