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I did ride the R7. Coming from an R3 it was a bit of an adjustment. On a supervised short spin they gave everybody a pretty good glimpse of its capabilities. All of the differences, seem to me as if they would become second nature in short order, except one. The additional weight, hardly noticed it. Additional seat height, I’m short and could flat foot it. Additional torque, be prepared, and don’t slam the throttle like an R3 with a R6 tube upgrade. Braking is better than expected for me although some more advanced folks have expressed some slight reservations. I did the pads & hoses thing on my R3 and the R7 is wildly better in stopping. I loved riding it. I think I could adapt pretty quickly to it, except...
It is a pretty aggressive riding position. Again, ridden frequently, I’m sure you would develop the upper body conditioning to go longer distances. On it, it is a holy bananas blast, but those blast rides may have to be shortened. By the time the next production run comes out maybe I’ll have progressed enough to make a more qualified assessment of whether or not I can make it work for me as a single bike. I think I was the oldest dude on an R7 there on Friday. I Definitely felt like “the old man at the club” that’s for sure. But we ride to stay young...
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