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Dark oil?

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I don’t know why but my oil seems dark as hell after only 1,000 miles I used Yamalube high performance 10W-40 full synthetic, you find this weird?

(Also it’s not overfilled it’s just on the side stand)
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I saw this too after my last change. I figured more oil than I was thinking was left behind during the last change. I am not concerned, depending on the riding for that period the oil is changed far sooner than recommended. Do you change your filter every oil change?
I used Motul Full synthetic in my bike, it’s red still but it’s more brown. When you oil change let the oil me a little warm. Run the bike for like 5mins, wait a few mins then change oil. Makes oil more viscous flows out easier. Caution ⚠ oil may be hot, feel oil pan before draining, and drain for 10mins. I blow air into the fill hole to get all the oil out.
I have not noticed this when I ran regular oil...
My oil now is green cause I run the Motul 300V lol


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