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Burning rubber smell

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Hello everyone. Just got my 600mi maintenance done on the bike and noticed a burning rubber smell. I can't pinpoint where it's coming from but it's pretty strong when I come to a stop. I've looked around the bike and can't see any smoke coming from anywhere. I first noticed it leaving the dealer after the service. It was raining like hell when I left so it was faint. I rode it tonight and it's very dry out and cool so it was really prominent. Everything is stock on the bike with the exception of some cosmetic things. Nothing has been changed or added near the exhaust or motor. Thanks in advance.
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I’ve also smelled this but have no info for you. I have the GYTR radiator guard and thought that the zip ties were melting so this is reassuring
There's usually some oil that gets on the exhaust. It might smell like rubber but most likely it's residual oil and whatever was used to clean it off.
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