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New ride should be here in April (should) and I'd like to drop an alarm in it when it shows up. There's a ton of options from the $15 Amazon special to the $250 name brand versions.

I used one of the Xena/Xeno, whatever it is, alarm disc locks on my R6, but that thing was a pain to get used to installing without setting it off. The alarm was super sensitive & did keep me from rolling (a few inches) away with the lock on the disc though.

Few things I'd like to have-

RFID or similar so I can jump on the bike go & not have to fumble with the fob to arm/disarm

Ability to kill the bike if it gets jacked while I'm riding.

GPS tracking, most of our stolen vehicles are recovered semi-locally and I'd like to get it back since Dirty Mike & the Boys can't really do the hobo orgy thing on the back seat.

Notification that the bike is being messed with, I think. Might be more of a pain than it's worth though. Maybe I don't want to know every time sumdude is finger banging my ride trying to impress his girl?

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