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Alarm Recommendations

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New ride should be here in April (should) and I'd like to drop an alarm in it when it shows up. There's a ton of options from the $15 Amazon special to the $250 name brand versions.

I used one of the Xena/Xeno, whatever it is, alarm disc locks on my R6, but that thing was a pain to get used to installing without setting it off. The alarm was super sensitive & did keep me from rolling (a few inches) away with the lock on the disc though.

Few things I'd like to have-

RFID or similar so I can jump on the bike go & not have to fumble with the fob to arm/disarm

Ability to kill the bike if it gets jacked while I'm riding.

GPS tracking, most of our stolen vehicles are recovered semi-locally and I'd like to get it back since Dirty Mike & the Boys can't really do the hobo orgy thing on the back seat.

Notification that the bike is being messed with, I think. Might be more of a pain than it's worth though. Maybe I don't want to know every time sumdude is finger banging my ride trying to impress his girl?

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I have the Maverick by Scorpio and hate it! To have the rfid you have to charge the fob everyday and the alarm goes off inside my garage at the most random times when there is nothing that moves in or around the garage. Their SRX systems can use a rfid fob that has a replaceable battery and is less problematic.
I turned the shock/tilt sensor down one number and it seems to have solved the issue with the false alarms! Finally! I ordered the SRX 900 for the R7 and will post again after I get it installed and setup.
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