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Air system Block off Plates?

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I got a new pipe and my buddy sent me to STG video for the R6, R1, and FZ-09 with the break down on how these air tubes get blocked off to remove the unnecessary popping caused by the new exhaust. So I love the idea but cant find anything for the CP2 engine. Anyone seen any? is there a cheap hack yall are doing or?
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Air induction isn't used on the 700.
The popping on deceleration is due to the very lean condition caused by the stock ecu cutting off fuel fully on deceleration (closed throttle when rolling). It isn't harmful but it does lead to abrupt throttle response and the popping that annoys you. Get a flash; most if not everyone who provides the service will turn off the "fuel cut on deceleration" and end the "popping".
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Even if it did have the AIS, it wouldn't cause deceleration popping since it only allows air to enter the exhaust during acceleration.
Recognize that the limits of flammability for the light ends in gasoline is a relatively narrow 5-15% fuel to air ratio. So popping on decel will happen anytime the mixture happens to be in this range since temperatures are always sufficient for ignition inside the pipe. The CP2 Tenere engine popping seems to be loudest on decel beginning at 4000 rpm, peeking at 3500 and continuing to idle. It was obviously coming into a lean condition because I had to build an enrichment map to 12.5:1 air/fuel in order to quell it. I'm using a Rapidbike EVO with auto-tune coupled to a wide band MyTune controller. I monitor it while riding under load with another wide band sensor display at a sampling rate of 100 times/second. The R7 should be similar.
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