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2022 Yamaha R7 from LAP Motorsports USA - One of the 1st.

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Day of Delivery...!

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Helmet

Day 1 of Ownership!
  1. License Plate Bracket Removed
  2. Rear Passenger Pegs Removed
  3. Rear Passenger Seat Strap Removed
  4. Rider's Peg Ground Feelers Removed
  5. Mirrors Removed & 3" CRG LS Added on the LT side.
  6. Chain Guard/Rear Fender Removed
  7. Front Counter Sprocket Cover Removed
  8. Windscreen Ti Bolts Added
Wheel Tire Vehicle Fuel tank Automotive tire

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Fuel tank Vehicle

Titanium Hardware

Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Automotive tire Automotive design

3" CRG Lane Splitter & Custom Made Adapter

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Bicycle
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Welcome! Love the ti bolts
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