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$155 Amazon Exhaust Install/Review (vids/pic)

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So after waiting semi patiently for about a month or so for Akrapovic/ SC Project to release their exhausts. And after missing the chance to buy the Ransoto exhaust as it’s out of stock now..I decided to purchase the No-Brand exhaust off of Amazon.

Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08XY3K2BZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_H71RWN4CNAHJ6XAX9WDY

It does not have nearly as many reviews compared to Ransoto but for less than $160 why not right? The header pipe was the most important to me, but in the end…exhaust is just flowing through it. The muffler I wasn’t too worried about because the complete system utilizes the slip on feature. So I could potentially change the muffler down the road if needed.


Because it’s Amazon it arrived in 2 days and the packaging was about what you would expect from them. Double boxed, all parts wrapped in bubble wrap and plastic. No complaints.

Comes with the header, muffler, baffle exhaust clamp, exhaust springs, muffler adapter, nuts, bolts, and washers to install.

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The Install:

Removing the factory exhaust was simple and easy. Had it off in less than 20 minutes. Only had to remove the right side lowest 2 fairings to access everything.

Installing the new exhaust was also simple and I did not run into any fitment issues. The first thing I did was remove that baffle. I purchased new gaskets, copper RTV and had anti-seize on hand ahead of time. Place some anti-seize on the new gaskets so they stay in place and apply the copper RTV (optional) inside the muffler so it can build a good seal.

The kit did not come with a spring puller so I had to buy one for $10 from Advance Auto. I only managed to get the bottom spring on as the top spring seems too tight for the length you need to install. The kit did come with spare brackets for someone who wants to weld new locations on the pipe. I’ll just buy a bigger spring down the road and install the top one then. It’s secure as is for now.

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The kit also did not come with a mounting bracket for the muffler but it did have the clamp. I tried multiple ways to get that clamp on to the factory exhaust mounting location (see pic below) to just fail each time. It just would not line up and made the muffler come way too close to the rear tire and rear swing arm.

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The best fix is to buy the muffler mount (item 3 for $26) from the Yoshimura R7 kit. See diagram below for part numbers. I’ll post an update when I get it in this week.

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After installing and bolting everything together and reinstalling the fairings, I noticed the pipe actually rubs against the lowest fairing (the blue one). Not a big deal, it’s very minor and some heat resistant padding will work perfect in that spot.

Ride Review:

This exhaust is loud! Not so loud that it’s obnoxious it’s perfect to me. I wanted to be heard on the road. The exhaust really brings out that CP2 character and grunt. Sounds amazing when using the Quickshifter. It’s loudest at lower RPMs and WOT. Cruising it’s totally manageable as it quiets down.

Totally happy with this purchase and would do it over again. There was also a noticeable change in power down low. As giving it the beans in 1st gear makes the wheel shoot high off the ground. Surprised the heck out of me as it has NOT done that before. Will be sending my ECU back to 2WDW to get retuned this week as well.

Here’s some videos of the exhaust, there’s more on the channel. Enjoy!

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Sounds pretty good! I had a fake Akra pipe on my old CBR300R. It was only like $100. It was a shorty slip on with that a section of pipe that extended the stock header. The quality of the header pipe extension was sketchy. The welds were clean but the steel was super thin. The one you snagged looks pretty beefy.

Is it lighter than stock?
It’s lighter by a few lbs if I had to guess. I didn’t weigh it but holding the stock exhaust, I could tell it was much lighter than that bulky thing
Update #1: The Yoshimura mount was delivered and at first look seems like it would work but it won’t. The angle and clamp I have just won’t cooperate. It will only work with this exhaust if you rotate it upside down OR buy the Yoshimura exhaust clamp as well. I’m thinking the Amazon clamp the exhaust came with is garbage. Anyway I made it work, it’s sturdy and won’t go anywhere. The exhaust still rubs the bottom fairing so ill have to solve that later.

Also sent out my ECU to 2WDW for a remap. Excited to get that back.

Here’s some photos of the mount.
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