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  1. Yamaha R7 General Discussion Forum
    I just got a r7 and I stripped the bolt that goes into the shift rod link. I was trying to uninstall the normal shift rod to install the GYTR quick shifter but I can't get the bolt out now. The part is 90111-06098-00 and I need the specs of that button bolt to run to ace or something, Yamaha...
  2. Yamaha R7 General Discussion Forum
    Hi I've used this page for a few weeks after getting my bike but haven't needed help until now but I'm wondering if there's a (relatively easy) way to keep the titanium headers that come on the bike and just cut the cat and put a midpipe from a full system kit? If anyone has attempted this yet...
  3. Yamaha R7 General Discussion Forum
    Hello fellas! Did my 600 mile first oil change today, and I already bought more for when I hit 1000. This is the first bike I own that is brand new and I want to keep it perfect. After I do my 1k miles oil change, how often should I be changing the oil after that?
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone. Just picked up my new R-7 less then a week ago. Just found the forum and liking the community already. Any tips or tricks or advice y’all want to drop, Thanks a lot. Safe riding everybody !!
  5. Yamaha R7 General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys. I wasn’t planning on making an account on this forum just yet, but unfortunately I feel as though it is necessary to explain my problem and see what everyone has to say. Got my baby back in October, just hit 60 miles on it, and something odd happened while I was riding today. I shifted...
1-5 of 5 Results